Here are a list of websites that I have found that are educational and fun. Enjoy! 

Science and Social Studies

National Geographic For Kids - This website has videos, games and much more to explore

Food Chain - We learn about food chains in science-This website is a fun review

Time For Kids - We get the Time For Kids magazine every week to read-This website has additional videos and articles to explore

Animal Report - Students can use this tool to create their own report and research an animal they choose

Google for Kids - Use this website for looking for information that automatically filters websites that are safe for kids to look through

Ben Franklin's Guide to U.S. Government - This website has a lot of resources about our government and even has some important historical documents to look at

Animal Classification Information - Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish, and Mammals Kids and Students - The Worldbook Encyclopedia editions for younger kids and students. This is a great resource for students looking up information

Congress For Kids - Information on the Constitution and the Three Branches of Government - Basic information on the Three Branches of Government

If I Were President - a game to play to understand what the President does

Inaugural Speech Timeline - An interactive timeline with fun facts on the President's Inaugural Speeches


Scholastic - This website has videos and games on books that students like to read

Read Write Think - This website has over 50 reading and writing activities for students to explore-It is a safe and fun website that your child can play and learn

Reading Plus - This is the program the students use to supplement their reading skills

Author Studies

Kevin Henkes                         Doreen Cronin                              Leo Lionni

Laura Numeroff                        Judy Blume          Stan and Jan Berenstain

 Dr. Seuss                                      Jan Brett                                Mo Williems

Robert Munsch


 Dance Mat - This website is fun and free to use for school or home

Typing Web - We will use this website in class for keyboarding lessons and will monitor our progress-A login is needed for this website


Cool Math - This website has educational lessons to teach all kinds of math skills

Multiplication Practice - Use this website for practice with mulptiplication facts

Math Playground - This website has fun games to play for all grades and skills as well as iPad apps

Investigations Online Math Games - This website has a large list of educational games to play specifically for 2nd and 3rd grade review relating to the Investigations Math Series

IXL - The students use this website in class at times for math practice and have a lot of fun with it-They can practice any skill at home any time

Math Magician - Use this website to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills

Skip Counting - This website has fun songs/videos to help your child remember skip counting from 1-10




Story Starters - This link on is a fun way to write different stories including science fiction, adventure, fantasy, and more

Poetry - Choose from 8 different activities to help write poems of all kinds

Comic Creator - Students will have a lot of fun writing and illustrating their own comics

Letter Generator - Help your child create a letter with the format for a friend, family member or start a pen pal connection for fun

Uppercase Cursive Review - This website gives video instruction on how to write all the uppercase cursive letters

Lowercase Cursive Review - This website gives video instruction on how to write all the lowercase cursive letters

Cursive Handwriting Worksheets - For extra practice at home, use these free worksheets for print

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